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Mozambique Counterstamp Variants
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Hafner 100 Variants

According to Brunk, only a single punch was used for the Hafner 100 (crowned PM) counterstamp. However, a large number of variants of this counterstamp exist, indicating that most of the counterstamps are forgeries. Forged counterstamps applied to host coins struck in the 20th century are easy to identify. It is, however, very difficult to identify the "real" counterstamp on older host coins.

The following table lists the known variants of the Hafner 100 type counterstamp. This list is far from complete, and I expect to add new types over time.

Counterstamp measurements were taken as follows.

ר Counterstamp diameter
1 Left end of P to right end of M
2 Left end of P to left end of M
3 Bottom of crown to P
4 Bottom of crown to left upright of M
5 Bottom of crown to right upright of M

Host coint type
Counterstamp Counterstamp measurements
(in mm)
ר 1 2 3 4 5
H60 or H61, after 1945
Bosco describes this variant as follows: The crown is detailed, but amateurish; the base is a straight line. "P.M" thin, the period tiny, "M" lower than "P", with its right upright lower than the left.
This counterstamp is often applied multiple times and partially, similar to the displayed specimen. Forgery.
Variant 1 Variant 1 cm
H50a, about 1890
Flat area of counterstamp is uneven and appears to show cast bubbles (?). Assumed to be a forgery. Variant 1 Variant 1 cm
H49a, 1865-1900
Host coin ok, but counterstamp has an uneven base. Does not appear to be genuine. Variant 1 Variant 1 cm
H49b, 1853-1865
Possible candidate for genuine counterstamp. Variant 1 Variant 1 cm
IIIb3-1, Cc3-e
H19a, 1812-1850
Possibly genuine, but counterstamp is somewhat vague, so still questionable. Variant 1 Variant 1 cm
IIIb3-2, Cc8-e, W2
H61, after 1960
Counterstamp shows cast bubbles (?) as well as file marks. Modern forgery. Variant 1 Variant 1 cm