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Obverse Types of Maria Theresia Talers


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The most important distinguishing factor on the obverse of Maria Theresia Talers is the brooche. For this reason, it is used to determine the major obverse type.

There are three major obverse types. Each type has multiple minor variants, which are described in detail in Dr. Leypold's book.

Type Description Form The obverse

Type I

Oval brooche, no pearls; Bust appears young, with easily falling veil; ermin fur flat, no tails visible.
Brooche type I
Avers I

Type II

Round brooche surrounded by pearls. Bust appears to be older, with heavily falling veil; ermine fur with tails; most of the time 7 pearls in diadem. Always combined with reverse type B and edge type G2 or G3; signature mostly S.F. Struck in Milan and Venice.
Brooche type II
Avers II

Type III

Oval brooche surrounded by pearls. Bust appears to be older, like in type II; pearls in diadem initially rounded, later oval. Struck from 1780 until today by Vienna mint; also seen on later strikes from Karlsburg, Prague, and Kremnitz, as well as on all 20th century strikes from various mints.
Brooche type III
Avers III

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