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Maria Theresa Taler 1780 Forgeries


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Catalog number Details Picture
F1 Currency Forgery. Cast, probably in Brass. Weight 24,76g.
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F2 This forgery is often sold in Africa and Italy. Some specimens show signs of being used, thus it can not be clearly determined if it is just made to be sold to collectors and tourists, or if it is also supposed to be used as currency.
Both sides of this coin show small differences to the original. A major characteristic is the missing small feathers next to the eagle's tail feathers. The edge is struck differently than the original, using some kind of separated ring. Weight is approximately 26.4g.
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F2a This is another version of the same forgery, this time with marking 'copy' on the left side of the signature in the obverse. Also known with 'copy' on the right side of the signature.Weight 27.02g. Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!
F3 This interesting forgery is often offered on the internet. This specimen was bought from Hongkong.
At first glance, the quality is quite good.
However, a detailed scan shows that the edge may have been soldered on after the base coin itself was made. The edge inscription is almost unreadable. There are some errors in the field, indicating that the coin might have been cast. The overall appearance is quite indistinct and vague for a post-1945 strike. Weight is 20.56g. Diameter 40.5-40.9mm, thickness 2.4-2.5mm.
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F3.1 This specimen was bought from the U.S. Its appearance is even less disctinct than the previous specimen, and clearly indicates that it was cast. Edge inscription also unreadable. Scratches on obverse match those on first specimen (the specimen I have seen all have the same scratch pattern on the obverse). Weight is 20.57g. Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!
F4 This forgery is also often offered on the Internet. Very indistinct; especially the signature on the obverse appears distorted. Grooved edge instead of edge inscription. Probably cast. Weight 24.75g - 27.2g. Diameter 40.5mm, thickness 2.5-2.8mm. Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!
F5a Another forgery with grooved edge instead of edge inscription. Based on London restrikes (H63). Struck in ring. Rotated reverse on some specimen. Weight is 25,01g, diameter 40mm, thickness 2.5mm. Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!
F5b Similar to F5a; based on London restrike (H63). Magnetic (Nickel or iron core). 180º rotated reverse. Grooved edge. Diameter 39mm, thickness 2.5mm. Weight 20.23g.  
F6 Struck in ring. Very indistinct, details very vague. May show indications of a double or even triple strike. On the reverse, on the left of the upper crown, there is some kind of raised horizontal line with a length of approximately 1 mm. Clean edge inscription except for rosettes which are uneven and have a distorted appearance. Possibly the most dangerous forgery of all, as it is often sold as error or double strike.
Weight 25.23g, diameter 40.7mm, thickness 2.45mm.
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F7 Cast. Edge inscription pretty much unreadable.
On the Reverse on the top small upside down countermark '800'.
Weight 22.53g, diameter 40.8mm, 2mm thick.
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